Meet The Trainer - Naomi Holcomb

With over 25 years of riding experience, Naomi has ridden & Coached in a variety of Programs in the UK, Europe and the USA. Her passion for horses, ability to communicate, and the love of teaching make Naomi the instructor she is today.

Naomi believes that the first steps to a successful equine partnership are; consistency, excellent care, and a training program that respects the horse's physiology. She centers her lessons & training program around those values. Working with some of the best trainers in the UK, Europe and the USA have given Naomi the tools to continue with the ongoing development of the Dressage and Eventing horse, whilst maintaining a happy partner who looks forward to being challenged in his work.

Despite a background generally more focused on Jumping, Naomi’s natural attention to detail and desire to understand the “why’s” and “how’s” of riding, finally lead her to take a great interest in dressage and then how we can apply those fundamentals to be more successful in our jumping as well.


Naomi & Spud
hunt meet

Naomi is originally from Nottingham, England but in May of 2007, moved to the USA to further pursue her equine career. Her childhood riding experience initially began with several years in the Grove and Rufford Pony Club where she competed on their Showjumping team and at regular Horse Trials as an individual. Shortly after, she discovered a passion for attending local fox-hunting meets in the surrounding areas. Mainly for the fantastic opportunity to ride your horse across some of England’s most beautiful countryside but even more importantly, the excellent practice that it provided for cross-country jumping competitions and eventing.


Later in 2004, Naomi moved to Bulgaria and had the opportunity to train and compete with their international Show Jumping team. Although the language barrier did present it’s own challenges at times, she was able to gain invaluable experience on the selection, training and competing of many fantastic quality horses from completely green to advanced.


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Since living in the USA, Naomi continues to devote a lot of time to furthering her education as a rider and instructor. Naomi hosts clinics with and studies the work of Jean Luc Cornille, who’s competitive career is as distinguished as it is diversified. Competing at national and international levels in dressage, steeplechase, stadium jumping and three-day eventing, winning several gold, silver and bronze medals. Notably, Jean Luc won the individual and team gold medal at the military world championship of Fontainebleau in 1975. In 1971, he won silver at the world championship of Punchestown.
It is an honor to have the opportunity to ride and learn from such a highly accomplished individual, whose passion is truly for the horse.

Naomi believes that understanding the theory and bio-mechanics behind the training is essential for both optimal performance, soundness and rehabilitation. There is always more to learn, no matter what level you are at.